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"The Man Of My Dreams"(cont.)

she's staying if you promise not to hurt her again." "I promise Lisa. I'm never gonna let her go again." Lisa went to write down the information and gave it to Chad. He smiled & gave Lisa a hug. Without another word,he left. Lisa & Mallory just stood there looking at each other worriedly. *********************** David took Carly to a fancy restaurant in town called,Annie's. He pulled Carly's chair out for her to sit down,then he was seated himself. "Good evening,Mr.Krumholtz,what can I get for & your lovely date?" ,the waiter asked. "We'll have the special,If that's ok with you Carly?" "Fine with me".,she replied nervously. "Ah,excellent choice." "Along with a bottle of your finest champagne".,David added with a wink. "God,he's so hot!",Carly thinks to herself. "As you wish Mr.Krumholtz",the waiter says,snapping her out of her thoughts. "Thanks Harry." David grabs Carly's hand from across the table,and she starts sobbing. David is immediately concerned. "What's wrong? Did I do something? Why are you crying?" She shakes her head through her tears. "No,it isn't you. You've been so wonderful to me. I've always dreamed of meeting you,but never thought I'd get the chance. I came to New York because I'm trying to forget about the guy who just left me for another woman." She continued to share her story with David as he went over to her pulling her into his arms."Shhh,It's ok. I'm here for you. That jerk didn't know what a good thing he had obviously." "Is everything alright Mr.Krumholtz?",the waiter asked interrupting the moment with the arrival of the food."Yeah,everything's fine Harry,thanks.",he replied. "Are you sure?" The waiter was obviously concerned."I'm ok,really".,Carly said sniffling. "Alright,enjoy." David looked deep into her eyes for a brief moment before returning to his seat. Chills were running down her spine."We better eat before this gets cold",he said.They laughed at the same time. They continued looking deep into each other's eyes. **************** Chad had just stepped off the plane in New York and was heading to the hotel for the night. He had made up his mind he was gonna get Carly back,somehow. He now realized how stupid he'd been. Meanwhile,David & Carly's date had come to an end. David walked her back to her room:"Good night,and thank you so much for a wonderful evening",Carly said."My pleasure",he replied continuing to look deep into her eyes. Finally,he turned to leave,then abruptly turned back around and grabbed Carly,kissing her passionately.(Yeah right,I wish! LOL!)