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"The Man Of My Dreams"(cont.)

finally composed herself & started telling David what a big fan she was. He seemed to really like her,and they stood there in the hall talking for about 30 minutes. Finally, David asked:"Would you like me to take you to dinner"? Carly just about died! She couldn't believe her favorite actor had just asked her out! She wanted to scream,"Yes!" But,she composed herself & said softly,"I'd like that very much." David smiled and took her hand as he led her to his car. She just about melted. ******************** Lisa was sitting there with Mallory talking about how worried she was about Carly,when the doorbell rang. Mallory went to answer it,and there stood Chad. "What the hell do you want asshole?!",she yelled."I want to see Carly,where is she?" "None of your damn business,now get lost!" Lisa went to the door to find out what was going on. The minute she saw Chad she went livid. She lit into him like a cat! "You son-of-a- bitch! You've got one hell of a nerve showing up here after what you did to Carly! Get out!" "No! Not till I talk to Carly & make things right! I made a mistake,I still love her.",he said,almost crying. Lisa's face & voice softened:"Chad,she's in New York,but,I'll tell you where