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"The Man Of My Dreams"(cont.)

antics thinking,"What a guy!" "I need someone like him." All thoughts of Chad suddenly left her mind. ****************** David had been in his hotel room for over 2 hours thinking about what a jerk that director had been. He finally decided to walk around the hall and clear his head. Meanwhile,Carly had just finished watching the movie,when she decided she was hungry. She walked out the door and was headed to find a good restaurant when she collided with someone. "Excuse me,I'm sorry!"she gasped,then got a good look at who she had just ran into. It was none other than her favorite actor,David Krumholtz! He smiled as she stood there gawking at him. "Hi,I'm David Krumholtz,and you are...?,"He said,extending his hand. "Um,C-Carly",she said,barely able to get out the words she was so shocked."Nice to meet you,"he said,shaking her hand."I need to bump into pretty girls like you more often",he said in that sexy New York accent of his!(sigh!) He continued to smile at her,but,she was so nervous all she could do was stare with her mouth wide open. She couldn't believe she was standing in front of David Krumholtz! She