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"The Man Of My Dreams"(cont.)

David was so angry he got up and walked off the set. Ron yelled after him,"Krumholtz,you leave now,you're fired!" He just kept walking. He'd had it. He was tired of people seeing him as just a comedian. He wanted people to take him seriously,to see the real David Krumholtz behind all that. He buried his head in his hands while he sat in his car. He sighed,then raised up,turned the car on,& drove back to the hotel. ***************** Carly collapsed on the bed as soon as she got to her room. She remembered she had promised Mallory & Lisa she'd call as soon as she got to New York. She dialed the number to hers & Lisa's apartment. "Hello?",Lisa answered in a worried tone. "Hey,it's me. I just got to New York." "You ok,hon?" "Yeah,I'm fine." "How's everything there?" "Fine,Mallory wants to say hi." "Hey girlie!",Mallory said in her usual cheery tone. Carly just had to laugh. "Everything ok?" "Yeah,fine." "Met any sexy guys yet?",she asked smiling. Lisa scowled at her. "I can't even think of being with anyone but Chad!,"Carly exclaimed. "Girl,he dumped you!" "Move on!" Lisa grabbed the phone from Mallory,"Hon I'm