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"The Man Of My Dreams"(cont.)

Carly & Chad became inseperable. Now,she was all alone & heartbroken. Mallory brought her back to the present. "Carly! Carly! Are you listening to me?" "What did you say?" "You're getting out of here for awhile. Lisa & I have arranged a trip to New York for a week". "New york?!" I can't take off to New York now!" Carly exclaimed. "Honey,we called your boss and told her you needed some time off." Carly finally agreed a trip to New York was just what she needed to take her mind off things. The next day, Carly went to the airport with Lisa & Mallory. "Call us when you get there." "Ok". "Last call for flight 247 to New York". Carly picked up her luggage and hugged Mallory & Lisa goodbye. She thought about Chad every second while on the plane. She was starting to think this hadn't been a good idea after all. Little did she know this trip to New York would change her life,forever. ************* David Krumholtz had just sat down for an hour-long break between filming for his new movie. The director had been on his case all day and he was starting to get irritated. Finally,he snapped:"Dammit Ron,we can't all be Leonardo Dicaprio! Lay off!" Ron was shocked at David's outburst.