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"The Man Of My Dreams"(cont.)

an apartment together,and she had met Chad through Lisa's boyfriend,Tom. Her mind wandered back to her first meeting with Chad:"Carly,get the door please! That should be Tom! He was supposed to be bringing a friend with him tonight!",Lisa yelled from the bathroom. She groaned under her breath at being interrupted while reading a Bop magazine. She got up from the couch finally,and answered the door. "Hi Tom,Lisa will be ready in a min..." Her voice stopped as her eyes met Chad's. They just stood there for what seemed like an eternity staring into each other's eyes. Tom finally had to wave a hand in front of Chad's face to bring him out of his trance. "Chad,this is Lisa's friend Carly. Carly,this is my friend Chad." "H-How do you do C-Carly?",Chad stammered. "Fine." Carly smiled,shaking his hand. Finally,Lisa came out of the bathroom."Hey babe,ready to go?",she asked,planting a soft kiss on Tom's lips. She noticed Carly & Chad's intense gazing at one another. "I see my bud found a man",Lisa chuckled. Tom introduced Chad to Lisa. As they were about to leave,Chad asked:"Why don't you come along Carly?" Carly laughed,"Well,I'm not exactly dressed for fun!" "You look good to me,hon!" He smiled. She blushed and said,"Well,ok!" "Great! I'm glad you're taking