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"The Man Of My Dreams"(cont.)

What happened?!" "I told Chad to get lost."I've met someone,and we're in love." "You're what?!",Lisa yelled,almost dropping the phone."What is it?!",Mallory piped in.Lisa waved her hand at Mallory to be quiet. She just scowled. "Girlfriend,you've got some explaining to do!",Lisa exclaimed."I'll explain everything when I come home,I'm bringing him back with me tomorrow. That is,if he'll come",she said grinning.He just nodded returning her grin."See you guys tomorrow",she said,then hung up.Lisa hung up the phone speechless."What the hell was that all about?!",Mallory yelled."Carly's found someone else,and she's bringing him back here with her tomorrow",Lisa replied,still in shock. "What?! Geez,that was quick! Asta La Vista Chad!",Mallory yelled happily. She & Lisa burst into giggles. *************** Carly & David boarded the plane hand in hand. "I can't wait to meet your friends",David said excitedly. She smiled & kissed him. After a 3-hour flight,they returned home. They took a cab back to the apartment. When Lisa opened the door,she almost had a heart attack."You're David Krumholtz!",she exclaimed. Mallory joined her,just as shocked. He smiled & said,"Hello ladies." Carly just laughed & introduced them.After they recovered from their shock,Carly told the story of how they met. Lisa & Mallory just sat there in awe. Finally,David turned to Carly & said,"Will you marry me?"She started crying and said,"Yes,I love you",then kissed him passionately as Mallory & Lisa cheered them on. ********** 1 month later********* Carly walked down the aisle to her future husband. They were both in tears,as were her maids-of-honor,Lisa & Mallory. It was a beautiful ceremony & reception. "I love you David",Carly said. "I love you too."he replied ,then gently kissed his new wife.Lisa & Mallory just looked at each other & smiled.

The End