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"The Man Of My Dreams" By:Carly Rated:PG-13

Carly sat in her room staring out the window,thinking about the events of the previous evening. Her boyfriend of 1 year,Chad,had told her he found someone else and was ending their relationship. She had been extremely heartbroken. He was the first love of her life,and she just didn't know how she was ever going to make it without him. She busted out crying as she looked over at the wall and saw a picture of her favorite actor,David Krumholtz. She spoke to the picture through her tears saying:"Oh David,how am I ever going to get through this?! I wish you were here,you always know how to make me feel better!" She fell onto the bed,her whole body wracking with sobs. Suddenly,she heard a knock at the door. She finally composed herself enough to manage a weak,"Who is it?"."Hon,it's me,Mallory". "Can I come in?" Carly reluctantly got up to open the door for her friend. "I heard what happened with Chad. Lisa called me & told me." "Dammit,I told her not to say anything!",Carly exclaimed. "Sweetie,she's worried about you,and so am I." Carly had been best friends with Mallory & Lisa for awhile now. She & Lisa shared