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Full Name:Richard Paul Astley



Siblings:1 sister,Jayne,2 brothers,John & Mike (all older)

Parents:Horace & Cynthia (divorced)

Marital Status:long-term girlfriend,Lene Bausager

Children:1 daughter,Emilie,15

Current Residence:Kingston,U.K.

History: Began singing with a band called Give Way.

Was discovered by Pete Waterman in 1985 at age 19 while singing in a band called F.B.I. Released his debut album,Whenever You Need Somebody,in 1987. That album produced the 2 #1 hits in the U.S.,"Never Gonna Give You Up" & "Together Forever",making Rick Astley the first artist of the 1980's to hit #1 in the U.S. with his first 2 singles.