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"Where Are They Now?"

Jordan Knight-After The New Kids called it quits in '94,Jordan decided to fly solo.In an Entertainment Tonight Cover Story aired on December 1,1997,Jordan talked with Julie Moran about his upcoming album,which will be released on Interscope Records,later this year.Jordan still lives in Boston.

Jonathan Knight-The oldest member of the New Kids,and Jordan's older brother,quit the group while they were in the middle of their final tour.Today,he is involved in Real Estate and several other investments.Jon currently has a ranch in Daytona Beach,Florida.

Joe Mcintyre-When the New Kids went their seperate ways,Joe got back into acting,landing the role as Matt Huckabee in the movie version of the Broadway hit,"The Fantasticks." The movie still hasn't been released on video.Since then,the 25-year old has begun working on his first solo album as well.The album is expected to be out later this year. Joe currently lives in Brookline,Massachussetts.

Donnie Wahlberg-Donnie has decided to follow in the footsteps of his younger bro,former rapper,Marky Mark. He has starred in several movies,including Ransom,with Mel Gibson,Body Count,with Young & The Restless star,Shemar Moore,and Southie,which is now in theaters.He also appeared in a Made For on ABC.Donnie has a 3-year old son from his relationship with Kim Fey,a Los Angeles recording engineer.His name is Xavier.He divides his time between L.A.and his current residence,Braintree,Massachussetts.

Danny Wood-Danny has been working with underprivileged children since the New Kids split in 1994.He is rumored to have recently gotten married and moved to Miami,Florida. He has a 5-year old son,Danny Jr.,from a longtime relationship with a woaman named Elise.