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Since the New Kids went their seperate ways in 1994,Jordan has started a solo career.His album should be out in October. For more info,check out his website

Jordan won't be releasing his album on Interscope Records as planned. He had an online chat Nov.30th discussing the new album,and giving fans the chance to check out out one of the songs from the album,a Prince cover,"I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man." Plans for a new record label aren't known as of yet. He does plan to release the album on his website first. Keep checking for the latest!

After the New Kids break-up,Joe starred in the movie version of the broadway musical,The Fantasticks. That movie still hasn't been released. He is now about to release his first solo album. Check out his website,for the latest info.

Joe's album "Stay The Same",will be released on Columbia Records March 2,1999. Fans got a chance to check out the title track during his chat in Novevember. The response was tremendous. Several also ordered the CD online. It is a certified collector's edition. 2,000 copies were sold each numbered from 1-2,000. Joe has also made several radio appearances to promote the first single,which hits stores in January. Some appearances include:Open House Party,Kiss 108 in Boston,and WTKU in New York. He also has some concerts scheduled. His first show is Jan.19th at The Paradise in Boston. Keep checking for the latest! Also check out his Columbia Records site at!

Jon left the New Kids in the middle of their Face The Music Tour. Since then,he has gotten out of the entertainment industry,and now works in Real Estate.For more info,check out

Donnie Wahlberg has done some producing for several Boston-area music groups. He's also done some acting. Some of his movies include:"Ransom","Body Count","The Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3",and "The Brass Ring". For more info check out

Donnie had a chat with Entertainment Tonight in October to discuss his new movie with Bruce Willis. His official website, will be up soon! For now,keep checking for the latest!

Danny Wood has also done some producing for Boston-based groups,such as Lyte n Funky Ones. He has also been working with underprivileged kids. For more info,check out

It has been confirmed that Danny is indeed married and currently lives in Miami,Florida.He also continues to work with area music groups. Keep checking for the latest!